Help us to make a bee line

The Bee Line is a project within the Forest of Hearts 5-acre community forest garden where are creating an apiary designed to provide education and volunteering opportunities.

We are developing a safe and accessible teaching garden area with up to 12 bee hives, where local community groups, charities, schools and corporate groups can learn about the importance of bees to pollination and the environment. The Bee Line is in our forest garden and will be planted with bee friendly herbs and edible perennial plants. We are having two open air classrooms made of Geodesic domes with an interactive learning experience. We are also upcycling our old barn so that it can be used if the weather is poor.

Why are we making a beeline?

The project is needed in order to help to educate and inspire a new generation of bee keepers in order to provide benefits to the environment, encourage healthy outdoor activities and provide a useful purpose for community and other groups to come together. We aim to help to tackle issues of social isolation and mental wellbeing through purposeful exercise in a safe and accessible location.

We are providing training opportunities for up to 3 apprentices by providing skills and activities so that they can develop their confidence and competence through this important community project. There is no apprentice programme available at the moment that will provide this type of training.

There is also a need to help to support more pollinators as more and more land is being developed or farmed with crops that are not good for bees. Although our area in Warwickshire is quite rural, there are few accessible open air spaces where people can enjoy the countryside in a safe environment.

Are bees in trouble?

Have look at some of these reports if you want more information about the Bees Needs:

Why are bees important?

Why are bees declining?

What can you do to help?



Thanks to THE BEE LINE funding partners

How can you get involved?

We are actively involving a wide range of people from our existing contacts at the Beekeeper group, Hereward College, Where Next, National Citizenship Challenge, Transition Stratford, Parkinsons's Stratford Branch, Heart Research UK and Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change. Through our contacts with corporate sponsors, you are invited to sponsor a hive and to dedicate that to a local school of your choice, so that those children can receive updates about the hive and its progression. Clearly, when our bees start producing honey we will have the option to invite local residents to buy the honey and other products. We will put the project sponsorship options on our Virgin Money Giving page so that we can create a wider membership for the Bee Line and develop a sustainable income from delivering teaching and presentations to local community groups, which will also spread the word.

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