the Social Return on investment

The Forest of Hearts will ensure that there is a strong social return on investment for all of its activities. The key ways we measure our impact is driven by the environmental, social and economic returns that we deliver.

Environmental – creating a forest garden is like creating a small ecosystem, after the early phases, with very little input or maintenance, it will continue to mature and grow crops for many decades to come whilst improving biodiversity and soil structure. 

Social – the Forest of Hearts will continue to be accessible to school and community groups and has been created for current as well as future generations to benefit from. 

Economic – in the short term, grants, corporate sponsorship and tree planting will provide enough income to kick start the creation of the forest. In the longer term, organised visits or workshops for school or community groups, individuals and corporates will provide one form of income. A small ‘Forest Garden Shop’ will allow us to sell food from the forest, with all money being re-invested. Cooking and nutrition classes and a Forest cookbook will provide another form of income. There is the potential further down the line to open a nursery where we can sell edible plants for other people to start their own forest gardens.