The Forest of Hearts offers corporate supporters the ability to create agroforestry projects in accessible locations, to name a project, and to host corporate or public relations events within the Forest Garden. We can arrange for your employees or customers to help plant trees and edible crops. We are happy to host community or educational days and we have our own on-site educational centre with the facilities to ensure highly successful events.

Tree planting works particularly well as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, as a team building initiative, or as a marketing tool. In addition, by supporting The Forest of Hearts, your company or organisation can demonstrate its commitment to improving the quality of life for the wider community in the UK.

We would be happy to discuss your ideas, woodland projects or marketing plans with you. For nearly every company or organisation, planting trees makes sense. See here how you can sponsor projects that really make a difference. Contact us now for more information.

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Tree planting has become widely recognised as a way to ‘offset’ carbon emissions. As trees grow they take in CO2 from the atmosphere, and release oxygen. Planting a tree in the Forest of Hearts is a first step to living in a better way and reducing your impact on the planet.

The Forest of Hearts incorporates both native broadleaf forest and a ‘Forest Garden’ growing edible crops, that will improve biodiversity and soil conditions, as well as providing a sustainable and low-input method of food production. Additionally, the benefits from planting a tree with the Forest of Hearts are more than environmental: we are working with numerous local charities to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people outdoors creating and maintaining the Forest Garden.

The Guardian (Randerson, 2005:http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2005/dec/23/frontpagenews.climatechange) suggests that if you want to support forestry projects in order to neutralise your carbon emissions:

  • Make sure the plantation will use native species. Forest of Hearts is working with the Woodland Trust to ensure planting of a native broadleaf forest with a range of species including oak, ash, birch and hawthorn.
  • Make sure the plantation will increase biodiversity. The creation of native broadleaf forest will provide a haven for native wildlife. The ‘Forest Garden’ within the native forest will improve soil conditions, help increase insect and bird diversity and provide a diverse range of food crops. Many of the plant species included in the ‘Forest Garden’ will provide a valuable habitat for bees, which are in decline but vital for pollination of food crops and in turn the economy.
  • Make sure the plantation is protected from future logging or fire. The Forest of Hearts will be a lasting and biodiverse wood that will be protected from logging or fire. Trees will be coppiced from time to time, but this involves only removing part of the tree, rather than the whole tree in the case of logging. Trees will only be removed from the Forest of Hearts if absolutely necessary, for example to open up the canopy to allow further growth, or if they are diseased.
  • Check the cash is actually needed to get the project off the ground. Forest of Hearts is a start-up, not-for-profit, Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) money goes towards the creation and maintenance of the forest. Some of the money also goes towards involving local charities in the creation and maintenance of the Forest of Hearts
  • Check the project has the support of local people. Forest of hearts is working with local charities, including Relate Coventry and Warwickshire and Age UK Warwickshire, as well as local schools and community groups. The Forest of Hearts will provide a safe, educational and beautiful outdoor space for local people.

Planting a tree in the Forest of Hearts will not only contribute to offsetting your carbon emissions, but will result in many other environmental, social and economic benefits, so there’s really no reason not to!