Many hands make light work

A team of graduates from Jaguar Land Rover give up their time for a CSR awayday in The Forest of Hearts.  Nearly 50 young and enthusiastic engineers make light work of planting over 1000 trees during their volunteering day. By creating the hedgerows the team can rest assured that they will provide shelter, create a windbreak and encourage wildlife, whilst growing berries, sloes, rose hips and nuts in the new forest garden near to Stratford upon Avon.

Thanks to Lani and the team at Coventry Ikea who raised funds to support the tree planting which meant that The Woodland Trust are able to supply the native hedgerow at no cost to The Forest of Hearts.

Want to be a part of something special?

If you want to be a part of something special then join us on our magical journey to create a five-acre edible garden near to Stratford upon Avon.  Have a look at the ten key numbers that will make a real difference this year. If you need to get out more - get involved!

There are opportunities for tree planting, teambullding, hedge planting, laying paths and we also digital skills. Contact or cal 02476470382 for more details.