The onion shed is clear and the path to the pond appears

Thanks to the lovely enthusiastic team of volunteers from the Forest of Hearts, the onion shed at Anne Hathaway's Cottage is now clean and tidy and ready for the Harvest Share. Well done to Jack, Annette, Ann, Lynne and Emily for all your hard work. Harvest Share begins in two weeks and will collect and distribute around a tonne of fruit which would otherwise go to waste in the orchard at the childhood home of Shakespeare's wife.

Also thanks to Yvonne, Katrin, Carol and Mark who joined the team back at the Stratford upon Avon Forest Garden to prepare lengths of material which will serve as mulch to keep down the weeds. The recycled banner material is also used to mar out a path to the pond site. The pond will be dug before the end of the year at the same time as the trench is dug to provide water to the site. Thanks again to all concerned with supporting the creation of our first forest garden and the Harvest Share project in Stratford upon Avon.